About the Course

The Art of Science, The Science of Art: An Exploration of Art, Science, and Engineering was the inaugural week-long Teacher Institute collaboration between deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary, and EDCO Collaborative, during summer 2013. 

The course was based on the premise that both scientists and artists explore the natural and material world, ask questions, make discoveries, and continue to wonder in order to build new understandings about how the world works. Throughout the week, twenty-three K-12 art and science public school teachers worked together with educators from Drumlin and deCordova to observe, be curious, learn about and with art and nature, reflect on our teaching practice, imagine ourselves as students in the classroom, form a learning community, and begin to create lessons plans, projects, and best practices for the classroom.

At the fall follow-up session, each teacher presented new lessons and teaching methods developed as part of their final course work.  And, we shared a fall harvest dinner crafted from Drumlin Farm’s own vegetables after a night nature walk during which spotted wild turkeys sleeping in the trees overhead silhouetted by the waxing moon!

The photographs above show various activities from the course, including: observing art in nature and nature in art, exploring and researching samples from Drumlin and our own gardens, biomimicry match up game, discussing what we fear will become extinct with WORK OUT exhibing artist Andi Sutton, going on nature walks, and learning about local and historical agriculture. Collaboratively constructed material representations of our new ideas and connections included a weed taxonomy, nature/culture sculptures, plant holders knitted from plastic bags, and a space for hands-on reflection.


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